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Structural Alterations

Need some structural alterations in Manchester?

Structural alterations in Manchester may become necessary for homeowners when trying to change the layout of your home or may be required to replace a damaged area of your home and can be required when changing your homes look, stability, or overall functionality. Structural alterations in Manchester are essential to address various scenarios and challenges that can arise during the journey of owning a home or when trying to transform your home into something new through a larger scale redesign.


Why could I need a structural alteration in Manchester?

Our builders in Manchester offer any building service you can think of, such as:

Space Optimisation

Homes in Manchester may need structural alterations to maximise available space.

Aging Structures

Over time, the structural integrity of a home can deteriorate due to wear and tear. Structural alterations in Manchester may be necessary to reinforce weakened foundations, repair damaged load-bearing walls, or address other issues that compromise your home's stability.

Home Expansion

You may need or require more living space, maybe you wish to accommodate for your growing family, structural alterations in Manchester offer a solution to this problem. These alterations can include adding extensions, loft conversions, or expanding existing rooms, we have separate pages going into these jobs more specifically if these jobs are what you’re interested in.

Modernisation and Style

As design trends evolve, you may opt for structural alterations to update your home’s looks. This may involve altering the home's layout, adding architectural features, or creating larger windows to introduce more natural light.


Structural alterations in Manchester can also serve the purpose of enhancing accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges or for homeowners who want to grow old in their home. This includes installing ramps, widening doorways, and creating accessible bathrooms.

Energy Efficiency

You may want to reduce energy consumption and your environmental impact, our structural alterations in Manchester can improve insulation, replace windows and doors, or upgrade heating and cooling systems all with the common goal of making the world a better place to live.


: Structural alterations allow you to personalise your spaces to meet your unique hopes and dreams, whether it's the creation of a home office, a walk-in closet, a larger professional styled kitchen or a home gym, a structural alteration may be needed to achieve what you need.

Safety and Compliance

In some cases, structural alterations in Manchester may be necessary to bring a home into compliance with updated building codes and safety standards, if this is the case for you, we have you covered.


What specific structural alteration services do we offer in Manchester?

Wall Removal

Our Manchester based structural alteration team can remove walls, reconfigure rooms, or create open-plan layouts to create a more spacious and contemporary living environment.

Structural Calculations

Our team in Manchester can offer you structural calculations all done in house and included in any of our projects, giving you peace of mind when using our services.

Knock throughs

Our structural alteration team can knock through any walls that you want knocked through, this can be done to create a larger space for your overall renovation project or to connect two rooms to create an open living area.

Steel installation

Our structural alteration team may need to install steel beams into areas that require more structural support, whether that being a new addition to your home or an existing area that you want to be more structurally sound.