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Garage Conversions

Fancy a garage conversion?

Have you got a garage and a dream, maybe your garage was once a home gym or an office and as the years have got on it’s turned into the family dumping spot. Or maybe you still have boxes in there from when you moved in, there are plenty of ways your garage could have turned into a space that you don’t use anymore. A garage conversion is one of the most popular ways to improve your home and one of the best ways to transform an underutilised or empty garage space into a functional and valuable living area. In Manchester, garage conversions have gained popularity as homeowners make the most of their home and is an affordable alternative to an extension.

In Manchester a garage conversion is THE BEST way to make the most of your property's value, looks and most of all space. Think about it, the average garage conversion gives you around 17 square metres of new space. Its literally half of the cost of an extension, if you convert your garage in the Manchester area.

Garage conversions can offer a lot of benefits to you and your home. A garage conversion can add valuable living space to your home, serving various purposes such as: an extra bedroom, a home office, a gym, a cozy entertainment room or even a playroom for your children. Hey, you could even turn your dark, damp dumping space into a well-ventilated and cozy storage room complete with shelving units and cupboard spaces. The versatility of a garage conversion means that your options and opportunities are endless which means it can be tailored to meet your personal preferences and goals, and with using our garage conversion team you can expect your garage conversion to live up to your wildest dreams.

So why ConvertMy – truth be told, we were going to be ‘ConvertMyGarage’ but someone snook in and beat us to the domain. It worked out for the best as we have gone on to convert everything in your home, but for a LOOONNNNGGGG time, we specialised in garage conversions in Manchester. Its our bread and butter, and our team love a good garage conversion.


What does a garage conversion involve?

Planning and Design

We offer a free design, a 3D walkaround design which will incorporate everything in your room – you will see what you are planning. We measure up your garage conversion, sign off the design and then price our incredible conversion expertise. Work with our garage conversion specialists to create a layout that meets your specific needs. This is where you give us the plans to make your dream a reality and give you a better understanding of the costs involved.

Building Regulations

Garage conversions in Manchester must adhere to local building regulations and safety standards. Our experts in garage conversions ensure that all necessary regulations and approvals are obtained before, during and upon completion of your garage conversion.

Structural Modifications

Our garage conversions can require structural modifications to the existing garage,it could be a knock through into the hall ot a new bay window. Our team includes a structural engineer who will provide calculations for you, so the gatage conversion conforms and is structurally sound.


Adequate insulation is crucial for maintaining a comfortable temperature in the converted space, especially with how cold our city can get. Our garage conversions in Manchester prioritise insulation to ensure energy efficiency and year-round usability. We insulate the walls, the floor and the roof – your room garage conversion will feel like the warmest room in the house.

Heating and Ventilation

Installing an efficient heating system and proper ventilation is essential for creating a comfortable living environment in your garage conversion. Our experts in garage conversions in Manchester consider these factors to keep the space cozy and well-ventilated. New radiator? Under Floor Heating? Whatever you want, we have the team to make your garage conversion just how you want it.

Electrical and Plumbing

Garage conversions may require the installation of plug sockets, lighting fixtures, spotlight maybe a new kitchen or bathroom depending on your intended use of the space. Our garage conversion team in Manchester ensure that all electrical and plumbing work is done safely, efficiently and building regulation certificates issued before completion. You are in safe hands.

Interior Finishing

The final phase of a garage conversion project in Manchester involves interior finishing. This includes flooring, wall finishes, painting, and the installation of fixtures and fittings to finally convert your dream into a reality.