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Composite Decking

Why did you search ‘Composite decking Manchester ’?

Surely because you’ve heard from someone or maybe you’ve been busy looking for the best alternative to traditional timber decking and you’re in luck, you’ve found the best solution for your composite decking. Here at ConvertMy, our team offer state-of-the-art composite decking services in Manchester (and Cheshire😉) that’ll make your ‘composite decking Manchester’ search the best search you’ve made all year, that’s because we offer our composite decking services in Manchester year-round.


Why should you want composite decking in your garden?

Composite decking is a popular choice for its ease of maintenance and its fantastic simplicity and has become a staple of all our garden redesigns. At ConvertMy we know how hard it is to fit timber maintenance into your everyday schedule, and we believe composite decking is the answer to every garden redesign problem. It’s better for the environment, easy to clean and can be maintained with a simple brush and hose, composite decking is THE most effective and sleek-looking alternative to traditional timber decking. What's not to like? Our specialist team can help plan and fulfil your patio dreams, contact us at the contact link above so we can get started converting your dreams into reality.

Composite decking in Manchester?

Our wonderful city is known for its creativity, art, and music, but it's also known for its windy and rainy days, as fellow Mancunians we know the hassle this can cause to our gardens. You spend all day -on one of the few good weather days that we get- then the rain comes through thick and heavy, at first it feels great, the plants are getting their fair share. But then it doesn't stop, now your garden is full of puddles and mud, well unless you have composite decking of course. Composite decking is the solution to all your weather-related problems, so the next time you see rain on the forecast, you won't have to worry about your garden because ConvertMy’s Composite Decking Manchester has your back… garden that is.